S.Prokofiev “Romeo and Julia”. Premiere
Ernst Neizvestny
the Academic Ensemble of folk dancing directed by Igor Moisseiev
New films
Opera music. Victoria Loukianets. Oleg Kulko
Victor Tretiakov. Denis Matsouev. Conductor Vladimir Ziva.


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Le 9 Février prochain à la salle parisienne Gaveau aura lien une conférence de presse consacrée au Festival de la Culture Russe "Art sans frontières".

The 28th of  January

The 28th of  January. Press conference in the Red hall of the hotel “Metropol”.  “INNA TOUR” presents the Festival of the Culture of Russia “Art without frontiers” in Cannes (France), taking place the 24th –28th  of August 2000.

 The Festival of  the Culture of Russia in Cannes will be one of the most interesting cultural events event of the Côte d’Azur, we hope to win the public reputation in the years to come . The Festival will pass under the patronage  of Mr.Afanassievski, Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary  of Russia in France and the Mairie of Cannes. Presentations of the Festival  will take place in Moscow, in Paris (the 9th of February in the Gaveau Concert Hall) and in Nice the 10th of March in the cadre of  the International Trade Fair.

Famous artists of Russia will take part in this Festival  dedicated to the commemoration of two great composers of Russia, P.Tchaikovsky and S.Prokofiev : the Academic Ensemble of folk dancing directed by Igor Moisseiev (which will open  the Festival  by a gala-concert) ; Victor Tretiakov (violin), People’s artist of Russia, laureate of premier Prize  IIIrd contest international P.Tchaikovsky ; Denis Matsouev, the 1st  Prize laureate of the 11th P.Tchaikovsky International Contest; the “Kremlin Ballet Theatre”  directed by Andrei Petrov (which presents “Romeo and Julia” by S.Prokofiev, with Youri Grigorovitch as stage-manager  and choreographer) ; the Moscow Symphonic Orchestra conducted by Vladimir Ziva ; Victoria Loukianets (soprano, Grand-Prix of the Maria Callas Intrenational Contest of vocalistes) ; Oleg Kulko (tenor, laureate of international contests of vocalistes, soloist of Bolshoi Theatre). During the  Cinema Day some films of the  “Debut” studio will be shown. In the cadre of the Festival will take place an exhibition-sale of masterpieces of  Ernst Neizvestny, a famous painter and sculptor .

The press conference include the presentation of the official Festival WEB-site, a demonstration of a video film about the preceding Festivals Russian Art in Cannes.

The  press conference will end with a dinner  a la fourchette.

The following persons will participate in the press conference :

Victor Tretiakov, Andrei Petrov, Denis Matsouev,

M.François Rosseau, Director of the department of culture of Cannes

And organisers of the Festival  :

Igor Beltukov, president of the Agency INNA TOUR
Inna Beltukova, general director
Igor Beliaev, general producer

The same day, the 28th of January, the participants of the Festival appear in Moscow.

At 19:00 in Kremlin State Palace takes place the premiere  of the ballet “ Fantastic Symphony ” by H.Berlioz put on the stage by the “Kremlin Ballet ” directed by Andrei Petrov.

At 19:00 takes place a concert of  Denis Matsouev in the Big Hall of Moscow conservatoire

Igor Beltukov opened the press conference, introduced the participants,  spoke about the history of the Festival.

He announced that it is Mister Afanassievski, Extraordinary and  Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Russia in France, and the Mairie de la ville des Cannes who will patronize  the Festival.  After the Moscow one, it will be a presentation of the  Festival in Paris, in the Concert Hall “Gaveau” (the 9th of February) and in Nice during the  International Trade Fair(the  10th of March).

Inna Beltukova  presented “INNA TOUR”Agency having spoken about its  activity as one of the  companies-pilots of Russian tourism specializing on the airline transfers and sustaining regularly important cultural projects in music,  cinema,  dance, singing and painting.

Igor Beliaev  presented to the audience the idea of the  Festival, which  concept is based on the anniversaries de P.Tchaikovsky et S.Prokifiev – two great Russian  composers. He spoke about the  program of the  Festival, each day being dedicated to a new kind of Art; he explained the  le web-site du Festival.

Mr Francois Rousseau  informed  the audience about some  projects of the  Mairie of  Cannes and about its contribution to the organization of the  Festival, he pointed out the hospitality of Cannes for the participants  of the Festival. 

Madame Carine Lions spoke as a representative of the Congress Palace administration  assuring that the  services of the Palace are ready to organize Festival concerts, meeting every  technical requirements, she promised to assure  mass-media functioning seeking information on the Festival.

Victor Tretiakov told that he had liked the  concept of the Festival and the ways it is organized  so much that he had decided put his  vacation at another time in order to take part in the Festival.

Denis Matsouev gave his impressions about the French public, expressing his reconnaissance to organisers having been  invited to  participate at the Festival.

Andre Petrov said he was for the project with all his heart, remembering all the two cultures are relied with in history, speaking about the French and the Russian ballet, he also told about preparations for the performance in Cannes of  “Romeo et Julia” by Sergei Prokofiev with the choreography of Youri Grigorovitch.

Photo Edouard Levine

Liste of the journalists assisting at the press conference

  1. Yaroslav Sedov – revue “Itogi”

  2. Tatiana Kuznetsova – “Commercant Daily”

  3. Raymond Stalts – “Moscow Times”

  4. Mihail Fehtengolts –“Intermedia” agency,  “Culture”

  5. Marina Bagdasarian – radio “ Moscow Echo ”

  6. Nikolai Rybinski – radio “Maiak”

  7. Elena Ozerova – radio “Iunost”

  8. Elena Karpenko et un photographe –  “Vetcherniaia Moskva”

  9. Natalia Kurova –“RIA-Novosti” agency

  10. Elena Pylaeva – “ITAR-TASS”

  11. Anastasia Serebrianik – “ Music Revue “

  12. Natalia Nevraieva – radio “Govorit Moskva”

  13. Elena Kazantseva –“Tournee” agency

  14. Dina Kirnarskaia, Ekaterina Gintcharova – “Moscow news”

  15. Sergei Biriukov –“Troud”

  16. Evgenia Simonovitch – radio “Europe Plus”

  17. Liubov Eremina –“FAN” agency

  18. Olga Kordukova – Radio-1 “Culture ”

  19. Mark Orlovski  - “Venise”

  20. Natalia Bilevskaia – “Bankir”

  21. Olga Krylova  with a  photograph – “MK boulevard”

  22. Felitsata Olchevets – “Nashe Radio”

  23. Marina Makarova, Sergei Kuksin (photograph) – “Narodnaia Gazeta”

  24. Nefedov A.V. – journal “Tverskaia 13”

  25. Tchichkovskaia Elena, Natalia Senkova – radio “Orfee”

  26. Tatiana Iskieva – “Arguments et Facts” and  annexes

  27. Evgenii Papernov – “Gudok”

  28. Alexei Ukhov, Kirill Fedosov – RIKA

  29. Mikhail Zuev – “Mir Novostei”

  30. Alla Pantshenko – radio “Golos Rossii”

  31. Elena Koreneva – Agence France Presse

Filming Groups:

  1. ”Novosty kultury” – Cheralieva N., 3 members of the filming group
  2. Program “Vremia muzyki” of  the TV chanel “Culture” – Sergei Sidorenko, 2 members  group, equipment
  3. REN TV – Olga Pchenitsina et 2 members of the filming group
 ART-TEMPO L'Agence Musicale de Paris
SUNRISE Hotels & Resorts International
Ďđîäţńĺđńęîĺ ŕăĺíňńňâî "Ćŕđ-ďňčöŕ"

Producer Igor Beliaev,  Honoured Art Worker  of Russia