S.Prokofiev “Romeo and Julia”. Premiere
Ernst Neizvestny
the Academic Ensemble of folk dancing directed by Igor Moisseiev
New films
Opera music. Victoria Loukianets. Oleg Kulko
Victor Tretiakov. Denis Matsouev. Conductor Vladimir Ziva.


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Closing ceremony of the Festival . Premiere of the ballet “Romeo and Julia” by S.Prokofiev “ Kremlin Ballet”

the 28th of August, 20:30 Big hall of the Congress Palace. Theatre . Artistic director Andrei Petrov, stage-manager and choreographer Youri Grigorovich Dinner a la fourchette.

“Kremlin Ballet” Theatre was founded in 1990. The name of Kremlin comes from the site where the Theatre is situated : inside the Kremlin Fortress in Moscow in the Kremlin State Palace.

The repertory is based on classic ballets (« Nutcracker » and «Swan Lake » by P.Tchaikovsky , « Don Quixote » by L.Mincus and « Cinderella » by S. Prokofiev) and new exclusive shows were presented to the public for the first time (« Ruslan and Ludmila » by Glinka, the redaction of Agafonnikov, « Nevsky Prospect » on the music of Shostakovich and Shnitke and « Tom Sawyer »  by Ovsiannikov »), created with the collaboration of well-known scenographers and costume designers  : S.Benedictov, O.Polianskaya, B.Messerer, M.Sokolova, V.Volsky, R.Volsky). Many  tours brought a notoriety to the theatre : the public and the mass media heartily welcomed the theatre when travelling across Austria, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, France, Israel, China, Taiwan, Hungary, Mexico, Jordan. The soloists of the theatre are laureates and have diplomas of international contests of ballet artists.

Andrei PETROV — founder and director of the “ Kremlin Ballet ” Theatre, gifted choreographer and dancer, People’s artist of Russia.

In 1965  he graduated from the Moscow choreographic school, and was invited in Bolshoi. He danced more then 50 classic and modern roles, participated in Bolshoi tours abroad, he appeared in the greatest theatre in the world.

In 1977 he has his diploma of the choreographers faculty of the State University of Theatrical Art, works on probation in Bolshoi under the direction of Youri Grigorovich. In 1978 he realised his first show on the scene of Bolshoi « Red Fruits of Snow-ball-tree », on the  music of E. Svetlanov. After this he mounted several remarkable shows : «Wooden Prince » by Bartoc, « Knight of the Rueful Countenance » by R. Strauss and « Sketches » by Shnitke put on the scene of Bolshoi and of other theatres of Russia and abroad. At the same time he is a choreographer of dancing shows for operas.

In 1990 he founded the “Kremlin Ballet” Theatre and became its artistic director and the chief choreographer. He put on the stage several exciting shows: « Ruslan and Ludmila » , « Napoleon Bonaparte », « Zeus », « Nevsky Prospect » and «Nutcracker».

A.Petrov realised the shows inviting for a friendly collaboration the famous producers such as Y.Lubimov and B.Pokrovski and the composers A.Shnitke and G.Gladkov, the conductor G.Rojdestvensky, the painters Levental and B.Messerer.

A.Petrov is a permanent juryman at international far-famed contests , he is one of the organisers of the Festival  «Crimea Velvet Season ». A.Petrov has Russian and international Prizes.

Youri GRIGOROVICH, Russian choreographer worldly renowned, a brilliant creator of the classic ballet choreography of the second part of the 20th century. Graduated from the Leningrad Choreographic School, famous ballet dancer of the Mariinsky theatre, he produced the first great show in 1957. It was a Prokofiev’s ballet « Stone Flower » in the Leningrad Opera and Ballet Theatre (the Mariinsky theatre). This show at once made him famous around the world . Y. Grigorovich was invited to produce the same show in Bolshoi and in theatres of Tallinn, Novossibirsk, Sofia and Stockholm.

 Grigorovitch’ creative work doesn’t stop here. He invent new interpretations for classic ballets « Nutcracker » and «Swan Lake », « Don Quixote », « La Belle au Bois Dormant », « the Bayadere » and many others, putting at the stage at the same time modern ballets : « Love Legend »on the  music by Melikhov, « Ivan the Terrible » by Prokofiev, « Golden Age» by Shostakovich and « Spartacus » by Khatchatourian and  others. He collaborated with well-known painters Virsaladze, Levental, Frigerio, with   orchestra conductors like Svetlanov, Rojdestvenski, Juraitis and  others. He invited the famous dancers such as Plissetski, Bessmertnova, Maksimova, Semeniaka, Kolpakova, Osipenko, Vassiliev, Liepa, Moukhamedov, Fadeetchev, Lavrovski.

Grigorovitch was invited in the Grand  Opera, in the Vienna Opera, in the Rome Opera, in La Scala and in the Warsaw Opera .

Grigorovitch is the People’s artist of the Soviet Union, a laureate of three State Prizes, President of ballet  international contest judges: those of Moscow, Lifar, Benoit de la Danse. Grigorovitch was Leningrad Conservatoire professor for several years. A generation of young choreographers was formed by him.

the 24th of August
Ceremony of the Festival inauguration. Gala-concert of the State Academic Ensemble of folk dancing directed by Igor Moisseiev. Big hall of the Congress Palace. Dinner a la fourchette. Fireworks. >>>

the 25th of August
Day of the cinema of Russia. >>>

the 26th of August
“Virtuosos of Russia”. Soloists : Victor Tretiakov (violin), Denis Matsouev (piano). Accompanied by the Symphonic orchestra of Moscow conducted by Vladimir Ziva. Debussy Hall. >>>

the 27th of August
“Golden voices”. Opera music evening.
Execution: Victoria Loukianets (soprano), Oleg Kulko (tenor). Accompanied by the Symphonic orchestra of Moscow conducted by Vladimir Ziva. Debussy Hall. >>>

from 24th to 28th of August
Exhibition-sale of works of Ernst Neizvestny. Hall of the Congress Palace.>>>
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Producer Igor Beliaev,  Honoured Art Worker  of Russia