S.Prokofiev “Romeo and Julia”. Premiere
Ernst Neizvestny
the Academic Ensemble of folk dancing directed by Igor Moisseiev
New films
Opera music. Victoria Loukianets. Oleg Kulko
Victor Tretiakov. Denis Matsouev. Conductor Vladimir Ziva.


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Day of the cinema of Russia.

the 25th of August

The third Festival of the Art  of Russia in Cannes will be supported by the Cinematography Committee under the government of the Russian Federation. The program includes new films.

The day of cinema makes part of the program of the Festival of Russian culture «Art without frontiers». This day some new films will be shown. Since the projection depends on the production of a copy with French sub-titles, one can speak about them with a certain degree of probability. We count on sur theprojection the « Russian Riot » realised by A.Prochkin  after the « Captain Daughter », a novel by A.Pouchkin. At present we are negotiating with the producers of « The 24 Hours », a high quality Russian thriller by A.Atanessian, and « Recluse » by E.Kontchalovski ». It is  the «NTV-profit » agency which presents all these films. We are almost certain to show  the «Barrack» which was appreciated greatly by mass media and critics. We have been shown some materials of films which are being made : a film of A.Uchitel, dedicated to the Paris period of life of Ivan Bounin, a celebrated Russian writer,  and a film of M.Ibragimbekov, a comedy  after the novels of M.Zochenko.

There will be a children seance: we have chosen “The Little Princess”, the best film for children of these last years exciting not only for little ones but for adults as well.

Before every projection of each film Boris Tokarev, the director of the « Debut » studio will show a short which was the first debut of a cinema-maker who is now famous.

We are waiting for Annie Girardeau at the Festival. If she comes in Cannes, we intend to show « Ruth » by V.Akhadov, a film made ten years ago and never shown in France.

The French and Russian public will meet Russian cinema stars forming a delegation of the « Actors’ Guild». The actors are preparing a special concert program.


Vladimir Mikhailov, a cinema critic, member of the Festival organising Committee

the 24th of August
Ceremony of the Festival inauguration. Gala-concert of the State Academic Ensemble of folk dancing directed by Igor Moisseiev. Big hall of the Congress Palace. Dinner a la fourchette. Fireworks. >>>

the 26th of August
“Virtuosos of Russia”. Soloists : Victor Tretiakov (violin), Denis Matsouev (piano). Accompanied by the Symphonic orchestra of Moscow conducted by Vladimir Ziva. Debussy Hall. >>>

the 27th of August
“Golden voices”. Opera music evening.
Execution: Victoria Loukianets (soprano), Oleg Kulko (tenor). Accompanied by the Symphonic orchestra of Moscow conducted by Vladimir Ziva. Debussy Hall. >>>

the 28th of August
Closing ceremony of the Festival. Premiere of the ballet “Romeo and Julia” by S.Prokofiev
“Kremlin Ballet” Theatre . Artistic director Andrei Petrov, stage-manager and choreographer Youri Grigorovich Big hall of the Congress Palace. Dinner a la fourchette.>>>

from 24th to 28th of August
Exhibition-sale of works of Ernst Neizvestny. Hall of the Congress Palace.>>>
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Ďđîäţńĺđńęîĺ ŕăĺíňńňâî "Ćŕđ-ďňčöŕ"

Producer Igor Beliaev,  Honoured Art Worker  of Russia